The Aviator

I got obsessed with aviator jackets since i saw them in Burberry ten years ago. Off course, i never got the cropped giant-collared Burberry or the oversize one from Acne Studios.

My obsession never got away, every year i add a new one or two (usually from Zara or Mango) in my wardrobe. The aviator jacket is cool, versatile and has the become the essential staple to survive the cold winter days. Is it wrong to want one in every color?

Photos: Pinterest, Erika Boldrin, Mvb , Grazia

The Rainbow Scarf

I am more into neutrals and black but occasionally I love to add some color to my outfits.

My latest obsession is the Acne plaid scarf… I love how cosy and fun is and adds instant coolness to the most simple winter look.

I have to admit that as much as I love it I won’t spend 290 euros on a scarf. I hope I will find something similar on the high street 🙂

Photos: Emitaz, Matilda Djerf, Maddie Demaine, Riley Shieldss, Pinterest